Template Post

A template to replicate in subsequent posts.

Rohit Farmer


March 8, 2024

This is a template to replicate to subsequent posts.

Frequently used elements

Header image for blog posts

A screen shot from the movie AK-47 Kalashnikov”.


Quarto Callout

::: {.callout-note icon=false}
Note that there are five types of callouts, including:
`note`, `warning`, `important`, `tip`, and `caution`.


Includes are a convenient way to re-use content across documents. Includes work for plain markdown content as well as for .qmd files with executable code cells (note however that the cells must all use the same engine – i.e. knitr or jupyter, but not both).

To include a file, add the {{< include >}} shortcode at the location in your document where you want it included.

{{< include _content.qmd >}}


Simple all HTML code

{{< include ../_comment-htm.qmd >}}
To comment or participate in a discussion related to this blog post, please respond to the following

Since Mastodon is decentralized, you can use your existing account hosted by another Mastodon server or compatible platform if you don't have an account on this one.

Using extnesions to embed toot

{{< include ../_comment-md.qmd >}}
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