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   July 5, 2023

   I am using ChatGPT for my personal projects, mostly for my website,
   [1]www.rohitfarmer.com, and my data science blog,
   [2]www.dataalltheway.com. It's very helpful in writing JavaScript and
   other short snippets. The accuracy is excellent and correlates with the
   quality of the prompts provided. It's hard to learn/remember all the
   different programming languages you have learned or want to work with.
   So as long as you know one language, understand basic concepts, and can
   verbalize your question clearly, ChatGPT is an excellent tool to fill
   the gap.


   1. file:///home/rohit/websites/rohitfarmer.github.io/html/rohitfarmer.com
   2. file:///home/rohit/websites/rohitfarmer.github.io/html/www.dataalltheway.com
   June 20, 2023

   I can't imagine that I have not updated this "now" section in over six
   months, even though a lot happened thus far in 2023 - probably that is
   the reason that took my attention away.

   We traveled to India in February after five years to visit family and
   attend my brother's wedding. It was the first time my youngest daughter
   met her grandparents; my oldest daughter had met them in person since
   she was six months old. It was a much-awaited visit filled with
   excitement and a roller coaster of emotions. Our initial plan was to
   stay for four weeks, but my wife and kids decided to stay longer to
   spend more time with the family. I had to return in early March due to
   work. My wife and kids stayed at each grandparent's house for two
   months, giving them ample time to bond with their grandkids. I made a
   short return trip to bring them to the USA last week.

   In the past three months, I was alone in the USA, a once-in-a-lifetime
   event for a married person. It was lonely, but I utilized this time for
   self-improvement and to do solo activities that weren't easy with the
   family. After work, I went to the gym and sauna multiple times a week.
   I was involved in outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, or
   kayaking almost every weekend. I also wanted to study for my amateur
   radio general license, but among all the things I wanted to do, it
   wasn't high enough on the priority list. I will probably keep it a
   winter activity when I won't be outdoors as much.

   Summer has started, and we plan to be as outdoors as possible, like
   last year. However, we have exhausted all our leaves for traveling to
   India this year so any summer fun will be restricted to the weekends.

   If you have been following my website, you must notice that I have
   changed how I present my M-^@M-^\nowM-^@M-^] section. It has its dedicated page as
   Derek Sivers [1]https://sive.rs/now conceived it.


   1. https://sive.rs/now